Thursday, August 03, 2006

DCHS Denies Lowery Custody Request

We have been waiting quite a while for more info regarding the 48 confiscated pit-bulls housed at DCHS as a result of the Lowery dog-fighting ring bust. Today DCHS held a press conference where they laid out their response to Lowery's July 20th request to have his dogs returned to him (even as he sits in jail facing international drug-smuggling charges).

They released a statement along with a formal legal response to Lowery's request. Suffice it to say, they are against returning the dogs to Lowery and they recommend that they be surrendered to DCHS as soon as possible.

This has a LOT to do with money and unfunded mandates by state authorities. DCHS has really lawyered up on this and the press-conference was carefully orchestrated with only Cathy Holmes speaking (DCHS - Board President) , legal-eagles in-tow.

They document lots of evidence of Lowery's dog-fighting background, including dog-fighting periodicals to which Mr. Lowery had contributed articles under his own name. They also detail the direct physical evidence of abuse and fighting on the dogs themselves.

They also make a call for changes to our animal cruelty laws to prevent similar animals-held-as-evidence problems in the future. This was Cathy Holmes, the biggest cheese at DCHS, openly challenging the property status of animals. Joy fills my heart.

In addition to the basic statement and legal-documentation of their position, they also distributed six photo-sheets showing five of the surrendered dogs and six of the crates that were destroyed during kennel clean-up. These photos capture the pitiful state-of-mind these dogs find themselves in. We will post or link to them as soon as possible.

They also distributed a fun-fact sheet about the pits and another sheet describing their '06 finances (with a YTD comparison for 2005). Some of this is now on their website. The rest I will link ASAP.

I have not been this proud of my humane society in a long time. Thanks goes out to DCHS, its volunteers, Cathy Holmes, Dr. Newbury, Shaun McBryde, and everyone behind the scenes that wouldn't let animal-cruelty stand in our community.

You guys rock and we will support you on this!

UPDATE: Lowery is expected to respond to the DCHS statement from his jail-cell tonight on WISC-3 Madison (CBS). He is apparently trying to legitamize his dog-"work" and hope we all forget about the international drug-dealer part.

UPDATE2: Lowery does respond, and Joel DeSpain is there. Great quotes and a bunch of great video-links captured here. Then they do this great Steve Van Dinter piece which reminds us Lowery was the first person in state history to be convicted of dog-fighting (and the only one).

*updates to follow with document-links, photos, and analysis *

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