Monday, December 10, 2007

DCHS cat-graphs updated - holy crap!

there is no point in doing much more than just showing the damn slide. it looks considerably worse now that we factor in the kills that appear in the September/October data unavailable as of our November update (you read that right). either way, we're on-track to kill over 40% of the estimated 3,600 cats DCHS will have taken in by the end of 2007. woot.

some wonder how we arrive at these save-rate numbers. it's easy. you take the total number of cats taken in over a period of say one year. you then look at how many you killed (or died in your care) over that same period of time (kill-rate). you inverse the kill-rate and you have a save-rate (i.e. 35% kill-rate = 65% save-rate). simple, no? it really is, especially over any longer period of time. since our analysis covers a seven-year span (so far) these numbers can be said to be fairly reliable. (more below)

it's dark math, we'll agree. but it's the math that matters if you are a free-roaming cat in Dane County, the most at-risk group. we are specifically advocating on behalf of those cats, for sake of clarity. we'll put up the intake, adption, and shelter-kill data that helps us arrive at save-rate (adoptions are actually not a direct factor in save-rate, but obviously tightly linked).

anyway, it was worth posting both graphs for the books and updating anyone paying attention to this - ahem - problem...



elelsea said...

I know that I have stopped contributing financially to the killing at DCHS. Until they change their policies, they will not get a dime of my hard earned money. I am sickened and saddened by the the information you have uncovered. Thanks for sharing the truth. I hope that the folks in charge of DCHS can get their acts together and change to NoKill. What is so hard about that concept for them???

justme said...

could someone enlighten me? whats the push for a no kill shelter for?