Friday, December 14, 2007

Winograd sounds off on DCHS, Dr. Newbury

bringing a national perspective to our local shelter-killing problem, Nathan Winograd weighed in on the record of Dane County Humane Society, Dr. Sandra Newbury, and the solution to our "cat problem" (the problem being that we feel we need to kill them). i am rereading the article now, but i wanted to get it posted quickly so we appear sort of up-to-date. btw, the kitten pictured is one Nathan bottle-fed to save (rather than killing for convenience).

humor aside, this is a scathing indictment of the failed policies of the Dane County Humane Society under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Sandra Newbury, Cathy Holmes, and Pam McCloud-Smith. this is the same team that is just declared they are "creating a better match between the number of animals coming in and the number of animals going out" - no joke. by killing 40% of them. (more below)

we said it before and we'll say it again. when you find yourself stuck in a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging. in Pam's memo to her staff, she claims that their strategy "will one day become best practice for us and other shelters." why do we keep listening to this Orwellian insanity?

as Nathan Winograd points out, "the archaic voices of tradition in sheltering are acting the same way as the doctors who put their own positions above their patients. They refuse to innovate and modernize precisely because they are threatened by the growing hegemony of the No Kill movement and what this means for their own stature in this movement."

read his piece. we'll talk. we're planning another No-Kill Madison meet-up soon, so stay posted. our cats are well-served by this work. thanks again to Nathan for taking the time to examine our circumstance and offer helpful insight. i hope we are able to put it to good use...


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injustice prevails said...

Dane County Humane Society, Dr. Sandra Newbury,


"helping shelters help animals" ?

Lets cut to the chase killing any animal because you need the
space is a veterinarian genocide based on and the "T4" euthanasia policy it is symptom of “eugenics” it is feline eugenics and by that I mean it is feline holocaust disguised as humane. Executed by virtue of the total disregard for the animal care profession, an idiot could have seen this coming.

The April 2005 open state wide public debate and final defeat of the feral cat hunting proposal entitled [Wisconsin 2005 Question 62] should have been a clarion wake up call to the entire veterinarian community of Wisconsin, and the only answer to that call is “yes we have a problem” and yes we need to adopt a Trap Spay/Neuter Release/Trap-Neuter-Return, program at once.No other entity agency or government office other than the veterinarian community of Wisconsin is authorized to do so, it is your responsibility.

What is the single most disgusting piece of this story is, the only people
"the veterinarians and the humane society " qualified and licensed to trap spay/neuter and release can stop the feline overpopulation. They did nothing to prevent its happing and now do to their professional and possible criminal negligence further compounded by their only alternative “feline genocide”. Indeed had you looked forward instead of up your profit margin bottom line you may have had a solution two years ago, instead of these quasi-NAZI policies


Eugenics, " T4" an abbreviation of “Tiergartenstraße 4” the official name of the Nazi Germany eugenics program which forcefully conducted human euthanasia "T4" targeted those humans they identified as "life unworthy of life" the weak, the sick, or FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN BEING UNWANTED!!

Human euthanasia was executed under the direction of the General Foundation for Welfare and Institutional Care (Gemeinnützige Stiftung für Heil- und Anstaltspflege)

Killing an animal because you have no space, -- is a sickness, it is a symptom of eugenics it is "T4" and what makes it even sicker is those who carry out this act "euthanasia" as a party to it are the same people we entrust to care for our domestic pets.

Look Dr. Adolph Newbury you are not going to get away with it again find the money get off your [___] and adopt the Trap Spay/Neuter Release/Trap-Neuter-Return program, there is funding available, if you have to work nights its your job no other agency is authorized or able. Put out the call I am positive the readers of this blog would be more than willing to help

As a direct result of UC Davis and all others similarly situated being professional negligent you now have and have had feline over population and clinical overcrowding and by virtue of the two, it is direct result it is your failure to adopt an adequate trap spay/neuter release program


I respectfully submit
The state of Wisconsin has been in a perpetual feral feline overpopulation crisis. The Wisconsin Conservation Congress and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are fully aware of this situation a request for adequate funding is appropriate and can be achieved together with the support of this No Kill movement.

To the entire veterinarian community of Wisconsin each of you
by virtue of statewide public notice have been made aware of the feral cat overpopulation in 2005 under the Wisconsin Question 62 proposal. Indeed
The responsibility falls directly within your jurisdiction and only your jurisdiction, it is therefore your collective negligent failure to act based upon full and complete public notice that no excuse shall be further acceptable.
The entire Wisconsin Veterinarian community being the only duly licensed, qualified and by virtue of the states authority must adopt and execute a Trap Spay/Neuter Release/Trap-Neuter-Return, program must do so at once or become the target of this 2007 No Kill movement. In 2005 each of you had notice, of the Wisconsin state wide public debate of Question 62, be advised respectfully you shall not miss the call of this 2007 No Kill Movement.


I respectfully submit
It would be in the best interest of this No Kill Movement to contact the
Question 62 petition sponsor, [ Laila Prindle ] of the “Keep Domestic Cats in Wisconsin From Being Fair Game petition “ who authored the petition that appeared on the internet The petition had great and substantial effect on the defeat of Question 62 I do believe at this time [ Laila Prindle ] is also associated with The Petition Site service - at,

Respectfully submitted